The main objectives of the project:

  • Promotion of life cycle thinking during the production and consumption processes
  • Promotion of environmental impacts prevention
  • Promotion of the preservation of natural resources, water and energy
  • Promotion of the implementation of Best Available Techniques in production processes
  • Promotion of sustainable waste management
  • Promotion of the reduction of greenhouse gases, via the utilization of less energy intensive practises
  • Promotion of soil, surface and groundwater protection
  • Promotion of “green products”

There are two main target audience, consumers and producers. The dissemination volume will be equally distributed among these two axis. Consumers will be informed about the importance of sustainable production and the biological products. Producers will be informed around several aspects regarding the cultivation and production phase. The dissemination activities will inform governmental authorities, local authorities and other relevant organizations about the importance of sustainable production and consumption. Among others, this project aims at recruiting new producers and attracting as much as possible consumers.